Response to media reports of fake HIV self-test kits

You may have noticed in the news over the last few days that there have been reports of fake HIV self-test kits in circulation. We wanted to address any concerns you may have about the self-test kits used in the SELPHI study:

  • We can reassure you that the BioSURE HIV self‑test kit used in the SELPHI are licensed by the MHRA for use in the UK.
  • The unreliable kits which have been seized by the MHRA did not have a valid CE mark. The SELPHI kits have the CE mark (shown in the image on the right) which means they comply with European health and safety regulations.
  • The tests used in SELPHI are specifically designed to allow a person to take their own test and read their own results.

If you do have any concerns about the HIV Self-tests used in SELPHI, please do not hesitate to contact us.